​​Program participants discussing a class activity regarding the patient experience.



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PFCC Ambassador Prog​ram
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The Patient Engagement Department is proud to announce its Patient-and Family-Centered Care Ambassador Program. As a PFCC Ambassador, an individual will be responsible for educating and motivating staff to enhance the overall patient experience. The first step to become an Amb​assador is to become knowledgeable by taking our module courses. These courses will provide a strategic approach to improve the patient experience by highlighting the importance of being patient-focused and deliverers of exceptional care.

The Patient- and Family-Centered Care educational activity is approved for 2.5 contact hours for registered nurses through Augusta University Medical Center.

Module #1:  Identifying the Makeup of the Patient Experience (1.0 CEU)

As health care recognizes the need to engage patients and to understand what is important to them in their health and healthcare delivery, there is a need for a paradigm shift. This module will provide participants with an overview of the principles of Patient- and Family-Centered Care and the skills and tools needed to focus on “what matters to the patient.”

Course Objectives

  1. Recognize the importance and the scope of Patients’ Rights.
  2. Identify ways to effectively share information and educate in ways that are useful and affirming.
  3. Understand why coordination between health care providers, patients, and their families play a key role in the patient experience.
  4. Learn how the involvement of patients and families can help impact their care.

Module #2:  The Patient Experience:  How to Deliver What Matters (1.5 CEU)

With the rising concern of patient satisfaction, healthcare is facing the fact that the hospital community is not very patient/family-friendly when it comes to the total patient experience. This course will provide participants with the education on the two survey types and what is needed to deliver what matters to the patient and the family.

Course Objectives

  1. Understand your role in the patient experience and how it affects overall patient satisfaction.
  2. Understand the measurement tools (Press Ganey survey vs. CAHPS survey).
  3. Take an active role in establishing and communication expectations for the patient and the family.
  4. Begin to explore and understand how veteran staff teach new staff about their role in patient experience.​

Module #3:  Press Ganey Online (PGO) Basic Training

Patient satisfaction is a key determinant of quality of care and an important component of pay-for-performance metrics. This module will provide participants a personalized view of the total performance and improvement efforts to help get results faster.

Course Objectives

  1. Learn how to access and log in to Press Ganey Online
  2. Explore Performance Scorecard - Press Ganey's new patient satisfaction dashboard
  3. Learn about Quick Reports and Tile - where you can creat brief, individualized reports, as well as schedule them to run and email regularly to many users! 
  4. Examine the Press Ganey Community - a networking forum where you can engage in discussions with over 25,000+ health care professionals 
  5. Investigate Improvement - Press Ganey's best practice library of resources 
  6. Explore Press Ganey Online for additional trainings (webinars, PPTS., and etc)

Module #4:  Press Ganey Online (PGO) Advanced Training

The ability to drill into patient satisfaction data is important as it gives us the opportunity to strategically initiate projects/tactics to improve the patient experience. In this module, you will learn how to use Press Ganey Online (PGO) to discover which patients are responding, their demographics, what patients are saying (qualitative data), and what type of care they have experienced.

Course Objectives

  1. Walk through InfoEDGE, Press Ganey's powerful ad hoc reporting tool.
  2. Review Comments, where you can retrieve and read comments left by patients on the survey
  3. Find completed Surveys
  4. Examine PaGER, where Press Ganey houses reports and additional resources
  5. Learn to download and automatically generate reports
  6. Run special reports
  7. Begin to explore and find targeted outcomes for improvement (best practices).

Please contact Nicole Boatwright at Ext. 1-6838 for more information or if you are interested in becoming a PFCC Ambassador for you area.