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Patient and Family Advisory Councils

Augusta University Medical Center is recognized nationally for our groundbreaking work in Patient- and Family-Centered Care (PFCC). One of the primary components of this philosophy is our Patient and Family Advisor (PFA) program. Augusta University Medical Center partners with trained patient/family advisors who are represented in all facets of our organization advisory councils, workgroups, quality and safety teams, facility design, Joint Commission review, and more.

We realize that patient and family involvement helps us provide better care which leads to better outcomes, wiser allocation of resources, and greater patient and family satisfaction. As a Patient- and Family-Centered Care organization, we acknowledge that families are the constant in the patient’s life and that the family is essential for the complete health care team.  


Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFAC) advocate for patients and families by:

·         Demonstrating mutual respect and open communication

·         Contributing to the development of patient and family education and communication material

·         Participating in the development and planning of patient and family satisfaction initiatives

·         Generating new program ideas to benefit patients, family members and caregivers

·         Empowering patients and family members to be active participants in their care 

Recent Accomplishments:

·         Created and performed Walkthrough Assessment questions and rounds – capturing a real time comprehensive view from look of unit, noise level, cleanliness and feedback from patient/family regarding their experience

·         Development of Hand Hygiene video

·         Assisted with annual PFCC conference

·         Collaborated with facilities in implementing parking deck upgrades

·         Participated in Project Improvement project regarding ‘missed appointments’ 

·         Helped create discharge instructions to improve patient care

·         Facilitated/presented in PFCC Certificate classes


To learn how to get a Patient Advisory Council started in your area or for more information, please contact the Department of Patient and Family Engagement at 706-721-7322 or pfcc@augusta.edu​.