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Augusta University Medical Center is a pioneer in the concept of Patient- and Family-Centered Care, an approach that removes the barriers to having collaborative partnerships between healthcare providers, patients, and families. This means that we put patients and families first. We believe that families are an extension of the patient, not an imposition. The more involved a family is, the more our quality and safety improve along with the patient's satisfaction. We don't view families as 'visitors' - instead, we consider families as partners in care and an integral part of our health care team, 24/7.  This is why our patients determine who their ‘family’ is, and how and when they are involved in their care.

Accordingly, we practice these four principles: 

  • We treat patients and families with dignity and respect
  • We provide clear, comprehensive information in ways that are useful and empowering. 
  • We create opportunities for patients and families to participate in ways that enhance their control and independence. 
  • We ensure collaboration is inherent in our policies, programs, education, and delivery of care. 

Because we are an academic medical center with three missions: Patient Care, Medical Education, and Research, we take a team approach to medicine, with the patient being the most important member of the team.  Our team approach means that the patient receives better care and better outcomes because of the number of individuals bringing their skills by serving as a Patient and Family Advisor.  In addition to your attending physician and nurses, the team might also include a resident, who is getting hands-on experience in a given medical specialty, or, in some cases, a medical or nursing student. 

The Medical Center at Augusta University served as a national model for Patient and Family-Centered Care  as seen on the PBS series, Remaking American Medicine. This four-part series explored the health care quality crisis in the United States, and the innovative solutions being undertaken by providers, patients and families to transform care. The four programs aired on PBS in October 2006.


The final program, “Hand in Hand,” singled out The Medical Center at Augusta University as a nationally recognized organization where partnership among patients, their families and health care providers is our guiding vision.


If you have any questions, you may contact the PFCC staff at 706-721-PFCC or pfcc@augusta.edu​