Unified Active Directory

Project underway to make collaboration easier

As a result of the consolidation of the IT departments of GHSU, GHS Health System, and GHS Medical Associates in October 2011 and the subsequent consolidation of GHSU and ASU in January 2013, we are in the process of integrating various disparate technology systems, applications, and resources so they can be accessed uniformly across the entire Georgia Regents organization. An important step to reaching this goal is to build a unified Active Directory infrastructure. This is the service that authenticates and authorizes all users and computers on our integrated network. In our current state, we have four separate directory services, making simple functions like accessing applications and file sharing across previous boundaries a significant challenge.

Information Technology is pleased to announce that an initiative is underway to consolidate our four separate Active Directory environments into one. This will provide simplified, efficient access for all employees and students across the organization while also streamlining the administrative management of infrastructure services and reducing the associated overhead. Project teams are currently engaged in analyzing our existing environments and designing our new environment. We expect to begin implementation of our new consolidated Active Directory infrastructure in the second quarter of 2014. Watch for more details on this exciting project coming soon.

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