• Quality - improve access to and availability of clinical data. Will result in improved accessibility to and accuracy of patient records, improved tracking of patient outcomes, enhanced quality of care, and enhanced capability for clinical decision support.
  • Accessibility - provide clinical support tools to assist caregivers. The electronic clinical repository will allow clinicians instantly sort through pertinent medical record information for any patient. This information will be available to physicians and other caregivers providing diagnosis and treatment at any location within the health system.
  • Safety - reduce medical errors. Automated rule sets, alerts and best practice processes to reduce the risk of preventable adverse medical events will leverage the information within the electronic clinical repository and on-line order entry. The reduction of these events and the use of best practices promote better outcomes for patients, reduce overall costs and differentiate GRMC from its peers.
  • Promote Quality - clinical and operational. To identify production standards and benchmarks for operational performance and provide plans for training and communication so that users will know how to use the system for maximum productivity.