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2019 Shared Governance Implementation Timeline (Overview)

​Activity ​Timeframe
  • Develop DRAFT revisions to AU Health Shared Governance Model​
  • ​​​February - June 2019
  • Initiate Unit-Based and House-Wide Council Staffing & Communication Program​
  • ​​July - August 2019
  • Initiate Shared Governance Education Program & Stand-up Unit-Based and House-Wide Councils​
  • September 2019 - Until Compete

2019 Shared Governance Implementation Timeline (Detailed)

The 2019 Shared Governance Revitalization is comprised of six (6) primary efforts: 

  • Defining our councils areas of accountability

  • Developing our 2019 Shared Governance staffing models

  • Reviewing and building the tools, templates & processes required to support shared governance

  • Ensuring a smooth transition for our current councils and membership to our 2019 model 

  • Enabling communication and feedback throughout the process.

  • Creating and administering the 2019 Shared Governance Education Program​​

Implementation of 2019 Shared Governance Model (September 1, 2019)

The implementation of the 2019 Shared Governance model is anticipated to occur beginning September 1st, 2019 and coincide with the beginning of the 2019 Shared Governance Education Program and the standing up of our new Unit Based Councils and House-wide Councils.

​Areas of Accountability (February 28 - August 2019)

​Shared Governance is the empowerment of bed-side nurses in the decisions that govern their practice. To support this empowerment, it is imperative that the authority assigned to each council has been thoroughly prepared and vetted. Working through the our Shared Governance revitalization steering committee, current shared governance councils and nursing leadership, the proposed areas of accountability for each council have been developed and will remain available for comment through August 2019 at the following link: Council Overviews​

Shared Governance Staffing Models (February 28 - July 18, 2019)

As our councils' Areas of Accountability are essential to defining authority within our Shared Governance model, defining the recommended staffing model for our shared governance councils will enable those Areas of Accountability to be exercised. For each Unit Based Council and our House-Wide Councils, the proposed staffing models have been developed and can be reviewed at the following link <insert link>.

Please note, the staffing models pertain to how our established councils will be staffed, but is the sole opportunity through which nurses may participate in Shared Governance.​​

Tools, Templates & Processes (February 28 - August 2019)

To best support unit and house-wide councils in the practice of shared governance, updates and standardization to the tools and processes used to implement shared governance is a priority focus​ of our 2019 Shared Governance Revitalization. Through the effort to update and standardize our tools and processes, the intent is to provide all councils with the ease of access and use of resources needed to support their participation in shared governance.

Shared Governance Transition Plan (July - August 30, 2019)

As part of our revitalization effort, it is critical that we build on the great work our current shared governance councils have done. As such, our Shared Governance Revitalization steering committee is working hand-in-hand with out current council membership to both ensure our previous successes are represented in our new Shared Governance model and also that our leadership has every opportunity to participate in the new model.

Communication Program (July - August 30, 2019)

Beginning with our Nurse-2-Nurse communication during the week of July 15 and continuing through the implementation of our new Shared Governance model, communication to each and every impact nurse and individual is essential to the health and success of our Shared Governance structure. Please continue to stay tuned for communications through Nurse-2-Nurse, our PAWS portal and other methods to ensure you stay up-to-date as possible on our Shared Governance Revitalization.

Shared Governance Education Program (September 1 - December 2019)​

Foundational to our ability to practice Shared Governance at AU Health is our ability to successfully education those that will participate in the tools & processes that will be used to support and demonstrate the efficacy of our Shared Governance practice. To this point, we are planning to roll-out a comprehensive education & training program to coincide with the standing-up of our new model beginning in September 2019.