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What is Shared Governance?

Tim Porter-O'Grady defines Shared Governance as "a professional practice model, founded on the cornerstone principles of partnership, accountability, & ownership that form a culturally sensitive & empowering framework, enabling sustainable & accountability-based decisions to support an interdisciplinary design for excellent patient care."

Perhaps a more simplified version of the definition is that Shared Governance is a method through which individual nurses are empowered with the authority to define their practice through collaboration with nursing leadership and the support of a professional structure.​

Why Shared Governance at AU Health?

As a profession, nursing must be defined by those that practice it.

As an organization, AU Health is far too large and too complex to manage and promote nursing practice through a traditional hierarchical organization structure.

Only by creating a structure to empower nurses within their practice will AU Health's nursing practice truly reflect its nurses and enable the best quality of care to be provided to our patients.

Our 2019 Shared Governance Revitalization effort.

Our current Shared Governance leadership has identified the need to revitalize our Shared Governance model.

In this effort, we have set forth our principles of inclusivity, engagement and participation to ensure that the work set forth includes all nurses, allows for their engagement during the revitalization process and enables their participation in the new Shared Governance model.

To this end, the information presented on this and the following pages outlines our timeline, proposed Shared Governance model and opportunities to participate, submit comments and questions and receive feedback.

All information presented during this period through August 2019 is in DRAFT format. All comments and questions are appreciated and will help guide our steering committee through the revitalization process.