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What is shared governance?

Answer: A driver of nursing improvement 

Sharing the responsibility and accountability for our outcomes:

  •  Ability to set goals and resolve conflicts
  •  Influence over resources that support our practice
  •  Access to information for all aspects of nursing

 “Structure and processes by which professionals direct, control, and regulate goal-oriented efforts of one another” ~Robert G. Hess Jr, PhD, RN, FAAN

How can I participate?


  • Join a unit-based or hospital-level council with dedicated objectives and regular monthly meetings (contact NursetoNurse@augusta.edu or your nurse manager/director to find out more)
  • Participate in a taskforce or committee dedicated to improving patient care, nurse and/or patient satisfaction or participate in health-related community outreach
  • Examples: Skin rounds, Falls committee, become a preceptor, become a practice champion (such as a super​user), teach at skills fair, organize or participate in nursing research, etc. 
Show that what we do as nurses matters=IMPACT!

Why change our model?​

When we last revised, we unintentionally narrowed the membership too far.

So what happened? We ended up not having resources to complete our projects.

Solution: a more diverse membership:
At the house-wide councils this will include:

  • ​You- the practicing clinical bedside nurses 
  • a facilitator from nursing leadership
  • a core educator
  • a clinical outcomes manager
  • a nurse informaticist
At the unit level this will include:

  • You-the practicing bedside nurses
  • A facilitator (usually your unit manager, ANM and/or a director)
  • Guests from other professional groups when the occasion arises

What can Shared Governance Help?​

Problem: Duplicating work, not sharing our strengths, prolonged processes

Solution: Better-defined work groups with clear objectives and easy to use tools and templates
  • Shared governance should not create unnecessary work but rather create solutions to common problems that streamline what we do - Busy does not equal productive

What does this mean for me?​

Within our new shared model, it is the intent that all nurses will:

  • Share the responsibility for decisions that impact clinical outcomes
  • Be accountable to our growth as individuals as well as the profession
  • Take part in quality improvement projects

What about staffing?

In this year's budget, we've made sure to allocate time for all nurses to participate in Shared Governance; while there will be more information communicated out via our education & training program, on average units have been budgeted approximately 32 hours per month to conduct Shared Governance