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Pro​posed 2019 Shared Governance Model

Our proposed 2019 Shared Governance model reflects changes made to our Exemplary​ Practice Council, Nursing Informatics Council and Special Projects Council and the addition of our Research and Operations Councils.

The below-listed information includes the proposed scope for each council and the contains links to each councils' webpage with additional information and the proposed house-wide council membership model.
t Practice Council​
Serves as the primary clinical decision-making group by defining and controlling issues related to clinical practice; Monitors the appropriateness and efficacy of the care provided by the nursing staff while assessing and ensuring compliance with established standards of care and practice.

t Quality Council​

Administers quality improvement plan for nursing through the management of the Patient Care Services scorecard and the identification, prioritization and monitoring of performance improvement initiatives.

t Education Council

Ensures educational standards are defined, appropriately implemented and maintained to promote professional growth, development and ongoing clinical competency.

t Research Council​

Guides advancement of nursing knowledge by identifying and making available the resources to support nurses in the utilization of evidence based practice and generation of new knowledge; Establishes systems to assist nurses in their understanding, evaluation and conduct of research.

t Operations Council

Addresses management and optimization of (1) fiscal resources, (2) material resources, (3) human resources, (4) staff support, and (5) organizational systems.

t Shared Leadership Council​

Coordinates the work of house-wide shared governance councils and integrates the work of unit-based shared governance councils. 


House-wide council membership model

​Membership for our house-wide councils is recommended to consist of one (1) primary and one (1) alternate clinical nurse representative from each nursing specialty area within the health system. Please see the below-listed table outlining the proposed delineations for nurse specialties.

​Nurse Specialty​ Area(s): under the pro​posed house-wide council membership model, each unit would be requested to provide one (1) primary and one (1) alternate to serve as council members for each of our house-wide councils
CHOG Perioperative Services​
​Adult Perianesthesia
​Adult OR
​Neonatal ICU & Transport
​Pediatric ICU & Transport
​Pediatric Med-Surge (4C/5C)
Adult ​Emergency Services
CHOG Emergency Services
​Adult Med-Surg (4S/7N)
​Adult Med-Surg (7S/8S)
​Adult Med-Surg (4W/5W)
Adult Med-Surg: Oncology (5N/5S)
​Adult Med-Surg: Neuro (3N/3W/4E)
​Cardiology: Inpatient (CICU/6N)
​Cardiology: Outpatient & Procedural
​Ambulatory Adult
​Ambulatory Pediatrics
​Ambulatory Oncology
​Float Pool

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