Vizient AACN ​Nurse Residency Program
Spring 2017 Cohort Graduates
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New! HealthStream Learning Center and Annual Compliance Training for AU Health Employees

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Augusta Health Uniforms

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​1st Friday - Breast Health Screenings 
for Employees
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​Nursing Informatics Updates
There are many new nursing initiatives related to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) that you will see now and in upcoming months. As we continue to move forward, you will see increased integration, efficiencies and standardization. Please review link above and the detailed information attached in the document. The Nursing Informatics team will be happy to answer any questions or provide more information. Your area Super Users and Nursing Informatics Council members are also a good source of information as we strive to keep these groups updated.​
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This site has been created as a resource for nursing, using your ideas to guide us. We have created links to lots of great sites, general as well as nursing. On the left are links to the major areas of the Nursing Intranet. To the right are additional links and below are other information and options. As you review the information in this area, you may be linked to other areas based on any options or links you choose. So, explore and tell us what you think at: Nursing_webpage@augusta.edu​​ 

by: Laura Brower, MSN, RN 
Vice President ​and Chief Nursing Officer

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