1st Friday Breast Health Screenings for Employees

Imprivata Cortex 
Go Live - November 6, 2017
Imprivata Cortex will be utilized for all clinical texting as the Cortex App provides secure texting that is HIPAA compliant. All staff nurses will have access to Cortex as a desktop application.  A few nurses that work across all the nursing units will have the Cortex app on their hospital provided device, for example the AVAT/PVAT. Imprivata Cortex will be the primary means of electronic messaging between providers and clinical staff - Click here for more details​.

Desktop - Quick Guide
*Please Contact Command Center @ 706-721-7455 from 0800-1730, for any questions or assistance needed.

Cerner Patient Observer Pilot​
Go Live -
November 7, 2017
Patient Observer will initially be implemented as a pilot on 3N, 5W and 8S with central monitoring from the Command Center.
Cerner Patient Observer is a new solution that allows a trained observation technician to monitor multiple patient rooms from a central monitoring station. As a virtual observation solution, it is designed to help reduce the risk of patient falls and provide for increased patient safety - Click here for more details.

Nursing Informatics Updates​​
There are many new nursing initiatives related to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) that you will see now and in upcoming months. As we continue to move forward, you will see increased integration, efficiencies and standardization. Please review link above and the detailed information attached in the document. The Nursing Informatics team will be happy to answer any questions or provide more information. Your area Super Users and Nursing Informatics Council members are also a good source of information as we strive to keep these groups updated.
Click here for more details​

Nurse Referral Bonus Program - Click here for more details.
Extended through Dec. 31, 2017
Please contact Lacey Stephens in HR at:​

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