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Nursing Strategic Plan 

Nurses developed tactics aligned with each of nursing's six objectives during the recent Nursing Strategic Summit. Champions have been identified per nursing objective. The champion's will be assembling their teams by February 2015 which will include staff nurses, nursing faculty, nurse educators and managers to work on selecting and prioritizing tactics to put in place for the remaining months of this fiscal year and selection of tactics that will be implemented beginning next fiscal year. The nursing objectives and tactic champions are as follows:


1. PEOPLE  The most preferred place to work for RN's

​Champions: Mark Schreiber, Randy Murphy

2. SERVICE — Patients are always satisfied and Physicians desire to practice

Champion: Kim Basso

3. COMMUNITY — Systematic and targeted community service

Champion: Chair of Shared Governance Coordinating ​Council

4. QUALITY Evidence based practice model drives care

​Champion: Director of Professional Practice ​(currently recruiting for this position)

5. FINANCE — Effective and efficient resource management

​​Champions: Larry Dreiling, Cynthia Pruett

6. GROWTH — Recognized as a national leader in nursing

​Champion: Director of Adult Patient Care Services (currently recruiting for this position)


The work we are doing on strategic planning will be guiding us on our journey to Nursing Clinical Excellence. During the first quarter of 2015, we will have a Magnet Surveyor on site to conduct a gap analysis of nursing practice at AU Health compared to the Magnet's five component and fourteen forces of magnetism. In addition, we will be forming a Magnet Steering Committee during the first quarter of 2015. Members of the steering committee will be representatives from nursing education, bedside nurses, clinic nurses, nursing faculty and nurse managers.

Nursing Strategy Adoption Model