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Welcome to Augusta University Health’s Adult Inpatient Division!!!

We are so excited you have chosen Augusta University Health to pursue your professional nursing career! We are proud if the quality care that is delivered by our nursing team, and we are constantly striving to improve.

Augusta University Health’s Adult Inpatient Division provides care to a large and diverse patient population and spans across many units throughout all parts of the hospital. With such a far reach in the hospital, you as a new employee are joining a great and exciting family!

Enterprise (Great Start) and hospital (Patient Care Services) orientation will be the starting point of your journey with us as an institution. Throughout these few days you will learn all of the many policies, procedures, and processes that make our institution an upcoming and exciting place to work! As an institution that believes everything can be improved, we welcome you, starting from your first day, to become involved in our never-ending quest to be the best hospital for our patients and our employees.

Below you will find some great information that can help you navigate the start of your career with us. We suggest taking the time to read through our resourceful binders that have many helpful guides and tips for your new position. Below you will also find PDF copies of the forms you were given during Patient Care Services Orientation. This forms are important- please keep them with you and give them to your manager!

Again, we are so excited to welcome you to Augusta University Health! Welcome to the beginning of a long, rewarding, and fulfilling career!

For any questions regarding our division’s orientation and education process, please contact Boyd Guttery via email at bguttery@augusta.edu.​​